Minute Style

Time & Money Saver, Stress Releaser and Confident Booster.

We thrive to style your future in a sustainable manner.

Founded in Tokyo, JAPAN, we curate your head-to-toe outfits for your workdays, special occasions, or even for your vacation – ALL FROM YOUR OWN WARDROBES.

We care about you and the planet, so we work with what you already have.

Explore the power of dressing with your dedicated personal stylist and style the future together!

What you can achieve

Our focus is all about making your morning routine easier yet boosting your confidence and happiness.
If you could delegate the stressful yet important outfit selection routines to a professional, what would you like to do using that 10 minutes every morning?

– Read few more news articles?
– Add one more item to your children’s lunchpack?
– Or run a quick meditation or yoga?

Whatever you decide to do, let us handle your outfits planning including your accessories or bag.
You can just go out from your place feeling powerful.

Our Story

Fashion is not just self-esteem, not just professionalism, but also Environmentalism. A small difference in people’s day-to-day fashion lives can make a big difference through network effects. This conviction is why she started MINUTE STYLE, a skillshare marketplace for fashion advice for users’ own wardrobes. 

Born and raised in a small town in Japan, she didn’t grow up concerned about her appearance. It wasn’t until her 20’s, when I started to work full-time and realized I needed to dress well for her career. Every morning she struggled so she learnt the theory and changed her look. This small personal success story stayed with her and later she founded a lifestyle consultancy company in Singapore where she helped other women dress well, organized fashion shows and helped Japanese fashion brands to expand to SouthEast Asian market.

While she was working in Singapore, she also worked in Bangladesh for her International Development career where she witness the aftermath of a collapse of a garment factory that killed more than 1000 people and other deadly fire incidents.

Aside from the harsh labor conditions, the fashion industry is known as the 2nd largest polluting industry. The industry hurts our environment both during the production phase, and when we throw away our clothes. Each year 92M tonnes of fashion waste are generated globally. 

Joining the positive environmental movement, her journey to bring personal styling easily accessible to everyone became true when she launched a marketplace where people can hire a personal styling service ONLINE and receive head-to-toe outfit suggestions from their own wardrobes. The MINUTE STYLE brings instant look, confidence and well-being. And Eri and her team are glad to know that their service contributes to reducing the clothing waste by 8% by merely encouraging the users to keep a piece of clothing for 1 year longer. 

Despite the hard times of the covid lockdown, they never gave up. While their service is taking up attentions in Japan, their next goal is to launch the service globally. Because they believe our choice of clothing will change the future